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Year-round Christmas Spirit

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Relationships: Year-round Christmas Spirit
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Did you have trouble feeling the Christmas spirit this year? Or, did you feel it in such abundance that you want to keep it going? Listen to this episode to hear the simple key to keeping the Spirit all year long! This could save your marriage; it could save your marriage before it even starts!


Winona 00:00:17 Welcome back. Oh boy. Have we got a chat today that could save your marriage now, even if you're not married yet, hold tight to what we shared with you today. Rob 00:00:27 That's right. As we wrap up this Christmas season, you might be wondering why you didn't feel the Christmas spirit this year. Winona 00:00:35 Yeah. This year was definitely a hard year. So I know a lot of people didn't have the Christmas spirit. Rob 00:00:41 You might be wondering how to keep the Christmas spirit throughout the year. I mean, it's such an amazing feeling, right? You've got people just loving on each other simply to spread joy and uplifted. Winona 00:00:53 Yeah, you do. It is wonderful if you get that spirit, but you know what that Christmas spirit is, the Holy spirit. You want that type of Christmas spirit, right? Honey roll. You know, Rob 00:01:03 And the question is, how do you keep that spirit? How do you get it to last all year long? And really it's kind Winona 00:01:09 Of simple really well. You Rob 00:01:11 Know, a great man recently taught me that often we replaced the Holy spirit with the Christmas spirit, completely missing the point of the season. But when you get it, when you get it right, the Christmas spirit is really just the outworking of the Holy spirit working in you. So when you let the Holy spirit work through you throughout the year, you will have that feeling. Oh, year long. Now, honey, Galatians tells us the fruits of the spirit of the Holy spirit. What are some of those fruits? Winona 00:01:46 Well, let's see. There's love joy, peace, patience, kindness. Goodness, faithfulness gentleness. Yes. And last but not least. Self-control yeah. Okay. So how does all of this help you find someone special? Rob 00:02:13 Well, can you imagine when you meet someone, if you're exhibiting these traits, how much more attractive you would be? I don't mean attractive from a physical or aesthetic standpoint. I mean attractive from an emotional standpoint, from even a spiritual standpoint, you think about it. If you're someone who shows love, I'm talking about that a gap I love where you love others, just because they are your fellow man that is going to show in how you treat other people and the person that you're with, the person who's considering spending a long-term relationship with you they'll see that kindness in your heart and kindness is another one of those traits that you mentioned. Kindness is one of the fruits of the spirit. If you are a kind person you're going to kind people to you and joy. I love joy. Joy is different from happiness, right? I mean, happiness. It depends on the happenings around you. But joy comes from within joy is one of the fruits of the spirit. Whenever we have that peace of God's really got my back. God is looking out for me. I may not understand what's going on in the moment right now. If I can have peace in his good plan for me, then I can have joy. Even whenever things are looking kind of rough around me. Winona 00:03:30 Okay, I get it. It also helps you keep someone, right. I may get this. If you have patience with that person, it's good to have that so that you have a very good, you know, relationship also, you know, it's good to be, you know, have that gentleness to have that gentle soul that you need to have. You know what that person is so calming, right? It is. It's very comic. And last but not least, like I said, it's wonderful to have self-control self-control is very, very important. So Rob 00:04:03 Many indulgences in the world around us. And whenever we give into our flesh, that way we can actually go off the rails of what would have otherwise been a great relationship and disappoint the person that we really love. Winona 00:04:15 Yes. That's why you need self-control. So Rob 00:04:17 Now I encourage you read James five verse 12 and understand that we're not suggesting that you make any inner vows or even new year's resolutions this year. We just suggest that you make a decision. And that decision is to be patient with people, especially to those who disappoint. You make a decision, a conscious decision about being kind to others. Show love through your compassion, seek, understanding, and extend the gentle hand. Wherever you go, let your faith fill you with the undeniable and peculiar peace. Even during the tough times, because we all still have tough times ahead. Now, get good at all of this. And you will bring a spiritual stability that will enhance any of your relationships. So you guessed it. This is another topic from our five steps to find true love course, where we dive deeper and give you more detailed guidance. Now, check it out at hope.stepstofindtruelove.com.